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Forum Enviro is a division of the Forum Group of Companies (FGOC), a dynamic managed-services company that provides innovative solutions to business challenges. Our vision is to make business more efficient, increase productivity and reduce its environmental impact.

Our commitment

Most businesses want to implement environmentally sustainable business practices, but often don’t know where to start or believe that high cost keeps this out of reach. Forum Enviro makes it possible for business to re-evaluate its impact on the environment with a financing model that works over the long term. We enable businesses to have access to the latest technology, without the need for capital outlay and in most cases being cost neutral, or better still, cost positive to our clients.

When you partner with Forum Enviro you can be confident that we will provide you with the best solutions and support and will continually look for new ways to make your business more efficient.

"It is really the perfect technology, install and forget. But the savings are certainly there. The savings will keep adding up over the next five decades."

− Peter Reid, General Manager Maroubra Seals Sports & Community Club

Forum Group

Forum is a dynamic managed service company that provides innovative solutions to business challenges. Offering a full suite of services across Print, IT, Fleet and Environmental Sustainability, Forum tailors solutions that enhance business efficiency, productivity and impact. Forum was born out of the idea that most businesses would prefer to work with a single technology supplier: someone who understands their business, someone they can trust and someone who takes away the day to day headaches so that they can focus on running their business.

This approach to the changing nature of business is all underpinned by Forum’s flexible finance arrangements which enable businesses to access the latest technology, or change technology as their business needs change, without the need for capital outlay. Financing for our products and solutions is all done via our very own finance company, Forum Finance.

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