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For facilities that generate a high volume of food waste, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative solution to the food-waste disposal issue—our ORCA technology. Along with this sustainable technology, we offer an unrivalled, comprehensive waste management Service Plan to support our clients’ food-waste disposal efforts.

ORCA is the ultimate waste management system. Working on site in your facility to “digest” all your food waste, ORCA turns it into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the municipal sewage system. With no bags or garbage bins of food waste to dispose of, there’s no need to pay for trucks to haul the waste to landfills or remote composting facilities.

ORCA’s food-waste disposal solution also solves the problem of pests such as fruit flies and unpleasant odors associated with food waste storage. It also reduces the burden on workers, who otherwise risk injury from carrying heavy garbage bags of waste to loading docks, sometimes up and down flights of stairs.

For your bottom line, ORCA waste disposal management represents great savings by eliminating the cost of having your food waste trucked to landfill sites.



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