Increasing costs of production due to rising resource prices have a significant impact on the manufacturing sector.

With the rising cost of energy and fuel increasing the cost of production, the increasing cost of waste to landfill, emission legislation targets and competition from cheap labour markets, manufacturers are constantly looking for solutions to reduce consumption and costs and stay ahead of the competition.

With a Forum Enviro Energy Optimisation Plan we have a range of solutions to drive down your costs. Voltage Power Optimisation not only reduces the power consumption of plant equipment, it can also reduce wear and tear, improve lifespan and cut maintenance costs. Solar provides a valuable renewable energy source. Simple initiatives such as Tariff Optimisation can find savings through an examination of your current billing arrangements. These are just a few of the initiatives we can employ with your business.

Fuel optimisation, through use of equipment such as the Fenic Alpha Fuel Saving Device, will deliver reduced fuel savings. Guaranteed.

And if you’re a food manufacturer and your process creates a significant amount of food waste, then the soon to be released Forum WasteMaster could be the solution for you.

There’s always the potential for more savings to keep you ahead of the pack. Talk to us.

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