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Grocery and Supermarket Waste Management Solution

Housing such a large volume of food products, including produce, seafood, meat, bakery and hot food service on site, supermarkets can really benefit from ORCA food waste disposal technology.

Rather than paying to have all this food waste hauled away to landfill, supermarkets can simply divert the waste into the ORCA. Employees at the store feed the ORCA regularly, and the harmless effluent flows into the municipal sewage system.

As part of the ORCA solution, we provide a food waste transportation system to collect waste in a clean and efficient manner.

The ORCA helps keep the store clean, with fewer foul odors and pests associated with stored food waste.

Using an ORCA also improves security, reducing the number of trucks coming and going. Space on the loading docks is then freed up for trucks delivering revenue-generating inventory.

Just as important, the ORCA can help reduce your store’s environmental impact score, and demonstrate to the public that you are a responsible company.



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