A Forum Enviro Energy Optimisation Plan will guarantee savings on your current energy bill.

We guarantee the savings we deliver via our Energy Optimisation Plans. We’ve been able to demonstrate savings of 8 to 10% for some customers, others as high as 17% over the life of their plan. Let us show you just how much you can save.

Power costs out of control?

For many business owners, energy is viewed as a costly and seemingly unmanageable operating expense that has a significant impact on profits, often representing a substantial proportion of the cost of doing business. And with energy costs continually on the rise, other areas of business operation and investment can be impacted by the corresponding reduction of overall net operating income.

Whether you need to reduce your overall energy usage, or just
find a way to limit the cost of the energy used, Forum Enviro has guaranteed solutions that can help you optimise energy efficiency and energy cost control. We provide a variety of solutions, including Voltage Power Optimisation, energy measuring and monitoring tools, lighting and lighting controls, variable speed drives and tariff optimisation that help you reduce energy consumption.

Know the problem, don’t have a solution?

You’ve talked to your electrician, or if you’re a larger business, you’ve engaged consultants. You’ve paid a lot of money for a report to tell you how to improve your energy efficiency, now you’ve got to find the funds to purchase the technology. That’s not the way to do it and that’s how we’re different.

With Forum Enviro, you deal with one supplier. We don’t
charge you for a report that is only the first step on your energy efficiency journey. Our engineers review your current situation
and select from a variety of technology solutions to deliver the guaranteed savings we commit to achieve. We structure an Energy Optimisation Plan to access the latest technology and you enjoy the savings.

And as new technology becomes available, we’ll continually look for new ways to make your business more efficient.

Our savings strategy and commitment

A Forum Enviro Energy Optimisation Plan for your business will guarantee savings on your current energy consumption over the term of your agreement.

And the longer you agree to have us manage your energy optimisation, the greater the savings you will make.

How we deliver savings.

Our approach to energy optimisation sees that the savings you achieve on your current energy consumption not only funds your energy optimisation solution, it will also put cash back into your business. Our expert team will be able to show you just how much your business can save.

Our Process.


Our Solutions.

Here are a sample of solutions that we may employ to deliver on the guaranteed savings of your Energy Optimisation Plan.

Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO)
VPO is an energy saving technology that is installed in series with the main electricity supply to optimise and regulate the incoming power supply to bring the voltage supplied into a building in line with what is required to drive the equipment. Delivery of optimum voltage into a building allows the building to operate more efficiently and use less power.

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Solar PV
Solar PV is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and directly convert sunlight into electricity which can be used to operate equipment. Systems can be designed to be grid connected or off-grid.

Tariff optimisation
We can assist you in negotiating and procuring market leading energy supply agreements within this complex, competitive and highly volatile energy market. Once on the most competitive rate, our energy bill verification & error investigation services utilise our unique energy management system, to analyse your energy consumption. We can identify cost saving opportunities, and locate any errors in your bills which have not been detected by your supplier.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Power factor is simply the measure of the efficiency of 
the power being used. So a power factor of 1 would mean 100% of the supply is being used efficiently, where as a power factor of 0.5 indicates that the use of the power 
is very inefficient or wasteful. By installing suitably sized switched capacitors into the power distribution circuit, the power factor is improved and the value becomes nearer to 1, therefore minimising wasted energy, improving
 the efficiency of a plant, liberating more kW from the available supply and saving money for your business.

Control of Equipment
Targeting the heaviest power consuming equipment 
in your building (for example, HVAC and refrigeration) through the implementation of smart control measures and management strategies can achieve significant reductions in power consumption. Night set backs are
a perfect example of a simple and effective means of energy saving. This requires raising the temperature set point of the system in certain periods where climate and other factors can reduce the refrigeration demand.

Lighting efficiency can be improved through a number of different approaches including a lighting refit to LED, T5 or inductive lighting. Further savings can be achieved through the dimming of existing lighting in bright areas, occupancy sensing and the installation of timer systems to turn off lights out of hours.