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With so many banquets and business functions going on at the same time, there’s an enormous amount of food waste generated at the typical convention center. Installing an ORCA on the premises makes good business sense.

Not only does ORCA technology eliminate the cost of having trucks haul away food waste to landfill, it also helps with security and efficiency; loading docks are no longer tied up with waste disposal trucks.

Space at convention centers is at a premium, so the ORCA reduces the amount of floor space used to store bags or garbage bins of organic waste. As well, the risk of foul odors and pests associated with stored food waste is reduced, enabling better health regulation compliance and better morale among staff.

By using an ORCA, a convention center demonstrates to all visitors and the local community that becoming a responsible environmental steward is a priority. For event planners looking to host their events at convention centers demonstrating green practices, the ORCA is a great selling point.



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